TextinBulk is a platform that allows you to easily send and receive text message from computer, pre-recorded, and live phone calls from your browser.

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We're pioneering the way you connect with your contacts.

Whether you send out a few hundred or a million messages a month, our platform is leading the industry in the way you connect with contacts. With little to no effort from you, you'll be up and running on our platform. We make it easy to manage contacts, leads, subscription lists and promotional content. You can even put much of your customer service on auto-pilot with our platform. Best thing is we have the lowest monthly cost in the Industry and you can even try for FREE!

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Designed for ease of use and efficiency!

Our platform is designed to be simple mass text messaging service for anyone to use and to efficiently allow you to communicate with your contacts. We out perform all the others.
Don't take our word, try us out.

SMS Features

  • Send single or bulk outbound SMS and MMS
  • Receive SMS
  • Auto respond to incoming SMS by creating auto-responders
  • Schedule follow up SMS/MMS for a later time according to the contacts local time
  • Create SMS message templates to quickly send template messages
  • Include contact specific keywords in outbound sms and auto-responders like [fname] [email]
  • Easily create SMS opt-in lists (ex: Text Promo to 812-722-4722 to receive weekly discounts)

Calling Features

  • Make and receive live phone calls right from the browser
  • Easily create professional IVR's (option menus) for both inbound or outbound calls.
  • Forward inbound calls to one or multiple numbers.
  • All calls are recorded so you can listen to them at a later date.
  • Easily schedule follow up calls for a later date according to contacts local time.
  • Receive voicemail's for any unanswered call even if forwarded to another number and not answered.
  • Set an intro audio callers will hear before connecting with you.
  • Make or schedule outbound calls with a pre-recorded audio message or IVR attached to them.
  • Mimic an outbound call center with our browser dialer. Call a list of contacts one at a time with a short break between calls so a note can be added for each call if needed.

CRM Features

  • Create lists to segment leads/contacts. Upload your own list from your csv file.
  • Sync Facebook Lead ads account and get leads as soon as they submit your Facebook lead ad.
  • Populate lists by SMS keyword (ex: user texts PROMO to 812-0722-4722)
  • Send emails and create Email templates for quick sending of generic response emails.
  • View entire communication history of any contact. all SMS, Call recordings, emails, and notes
  • Quickly create follow up SMS, calls, or emails to go out at a later date
  • Create unlimited sub-users (agents) and assign them leads/contacts. Monitor their activity.
  • Integrate with almost anyone with our Zapier integration (requires upgrade).

Additional Features

  • Acquire multiple local or toll-free numbers.
  • Create unlimited click to call/sms website widgets. Quickly get website visitors connected.
  • Newly Registered Domain Leads. Look up all new domain registrations and get their contact info.
  • Google business leads. Quickly generate leads by location/keyword (ex: New York, NY - Dentists)
  • Virtual browser phone- Do anything you can from a traditional cell phone right from your browser.
  • Create powerful campaigns - Create follow up sequences of SMS, Call, and email (requires upgrade).

Pricing that fits you.

No matter how you plan to use our platform we have a pricing plan to fit your needs.
Compare our plans to any other similar bulk text messaging service and you'll find why so many choose our platform.

For pricing details contact us at (505)-322-6559


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Trusted by many

There are many SMS providers out there; most require you to build your own application on top of them. We are a one stop shop for your gateway and we provide a fully functional web application to use the gateway.

"Such a powerful platform! I use it to manage customer service, order status, re-orders, and send out promotional deals. Since using this platform I've seen an increase in sales and a decrease in service overhead time for outgoing orders. Love this system."

"I use this system with ease daily. I use TextinBulk as a message really for my clients and the customers. I also use it to send out unique verification codes, send anonymous text message and to notify users when new boards are uploaded to the site. TradePaddleBoards.com wouldn't be the same without TextinBulk."

"Simply the best. I've used other platforms before offering similar services. TextinBulk has a lower price point and more features, that's what I love the most. I use this platform to manage my webinars and send out diet tips and recopies to my followers."

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