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There are many SMS providers out there; most require you to build your own application on top of them. We are a one stop shop for your gateway and we provide a fully functional web application to use the gateway.

"Such a powerful platform! I use it to manage customer service, order status, re-orders, and send out promotional deals. Since using this platform I've seen an increase in sales and a decrease in service overhead time for outgoing orders. Love this system."

"I use this system with ease daily. I use TextinBulk as a message really for my clients and the customers. I also use it to send out unique verification codes, send anonymous text message and to notify users when new boards are uploaded to the site. wouldn't be the same without TextinBulk."

"Simply the best. I've used other platforms before offering similar services. TextinBulk has a lower price point and more features, that's what I love the most. I use this platform to manage my webinars and send out diet tips and recopies to my followers."