Frequently asked questions..


What is textinbulk?

SMS is Short Messaging Service and Text in Bulk is the platform which allows you mass text messaging within a short period of time.


What are the features of your service?

To start with, we will say Text in Bulk is the best mass text messaging service you can have in entire US. Competitive price with two plans, the basic and the premium, good customer service, prompt delivery, phone numbers, unlimited messages, keywords, browser calls, validators, IVR solutions, report update, etc are few of the features of the services offered by us. To learn deep about the technical features we provide, go through our features list:


When can I start sending messages?

You can start sending messages just after completing the registration process. You have to fill in the registration form in our website, get your number and list of contacts and send messages. You can also go through the “request a demo” panel to get acquainted with the platform and its internal and outbound features.


Are long messages allowed?

Yes, there is no character or word limit and you can insert customized keywords in your message according to whatever plan of the service you have availed.


Do I need technical knowledge to send bulk SMS?

No. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to avail our services. Just a PC/laptop and an internet connection is sufficient to send and receive SMS online after registering with us. As the interface of our platform is simple and we have several tutorials and live support for your help.


Can I get the details of the usage of platform?

You make calls from your browser or send SMS to multiple contacts, clients or customers, whatsoever you do, get all your crucial information about your outgoing and incoming communication through the analytics of the platform. You can keep track of the effectiveness of your promotional campaign, if you have started one.


Can I schedule an SMS?

Yes, one of the biggest features of this platform is scheduling an SMS. You can pick any of your desired date and time, create a text message with or without desired keywords and wait for the platform to send the text message to you selected contact list on the time selected. What’s more? Your messages will reach to each of your selected multiple contacts at their local time. Amazing, right?


Can I cancel my scheduled messages?

Yes, of course you can cancel your messages either in bulk or one by one. No issue with that.


Can customers, users or clients respond to my SMS?

Yes, each message that is sent out using Text in Bulk can be responded to. We offer two way communications whether it is SMS or calls.


Can the calls be forwarded to different departments of my business?

Yes, with your extensive and good IVR solutions you can configure and customize the system of call forward.


What is the auto-responder feature of your platform?

You can put your promotional campaign or customer service on auto pilot mode through our auto-responders. You can configure and customize these auto-responders for every number and send your users back predefined SMS when they respond to you with certain specific keywords. Those will be the keywords input in the database of the platform by you.


How can I validate a number or user?

Simple! Just use our validators to validate your list of contacts. You can also fill list from our valid number database.


How can I use the DND?

Sending messages to those numbers who have registered themselves under the National Do Not Disturb Registry can be troublesome for your campaign or customer service of your business. With the feature of DND lookup in Text in Bulk, you can opt out all the numbers registered under DND and send SMS to others. Just make a check before sending SMS and stay out of trouble.


Can I make voice and video call from browser?

Yes you can make live calls from your browser, answer calls from your browser and make conference voice or video calls as well. Just invite your contacts or users to your custom links and start chatting with them live.


How safe is my client, customer or user contact list?

We value your privacy and our privacy policy states that we will not disclose your contact list or any other personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.